Renegade Saga Construct Workshop

Designing Constructs for Renegade Saga. On the left is a basic AC series worker unit, in the center is a JI series field surgeon model, and on the right is an SB series personal assistant.


The Grand Masters



The Seven Sons of Gao(the siblings of Clan Senni) in order of oldest to youngest and with a helpful height chart.

Kaji Senni

Character Design for Renegade Saga. Kaji Senni is the Grandmaster of Senni Style and a little more relevant, since the Senni clan is central to a good deal of plot.

Je Tson

Character Design for Renegade Saga. Je Tson is the Grandmaster of Tsoni Style and a very minor character even though he’s one of the more important figures in Gao.

Dr. Soludo

Dr. Soludo and his construct AF-43. Most Architects wear protective eye gear for plot relevant reasons.

Soludo and AF43

Gods of Valen

Siblings 02: No one’s life is as hard as Deth-Ren’s life.


The moments right before the yelling starts…


NEW Versions!!!

Azren HD Blycus HD Dethren HD Ferinus HD Lothriel HD

So, thanks to my new found efficiency(Thank god for AS 11), I am able to start making tangible pieces for several of my long dormant projects. Valen was my first epic level fantasy project and it never really exited the outline stage. But Now! I can finally make stuff in a timely manner.

Introducing: The Elder Gods of Valen. (From Left to Right of where their head is)

Lothriel: God of Knowledge, Absence, and Struggle.

Ferinus: God of Energy, Life, and Inspiration.

Azren: God of Light, Art, and Faith.

Dethren: God of Darkness, Protection, and Rest.

Blycus: God of Plants, Animals, and Regeneration.Elder Gods

Dethren’s Lesser Gods Normec(The Lion) god of Sleep, Scryb(The Mouse) god of innocence, and Xavien(The Lady) god of death.

Darkness Pantheon