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The Mystic: Nature’s Tank.

Stat Builds

To unlock the mystic, start a character and assign them anyonce of the following builds:

3M|3W|0S, 2M|3W|1S, 3M|2W|1S.

*Other choices during character creation can have effects on Major stats so ultimately your Mystic might end
up with stats within these ranges.

-Human: 2M-4M|2W-4W|1D-3D
-Groundkin: 3M-5M|2W-4W|0D-2D
-Hollow Dant: 2M-4M|3W-5W|0D-2D

Pretty cool huh?

So what does that mean? Glad you asked. Taking the given values (plus some other modifiers) your Level 1 character’s other stats can look like this:

-HP= 110-140
-End= 30-70
-Eng= 30-70
-Dex= 10-50
-Spd= 4-10
-Stm= 4-8

Okay, so that’s still not very clear. Simplified; this means the mystic is slow but sturdy with a decent amount of
flexibilty when it comes to types of attacks.

Why bring this up? Well I had my older Brother make a Character and this is what we ended up with.

Name: Gobman(place holder) |  Lvl: 1

Race: Groundkin | Gender: N/A

Might: 3*+1 | End: 50 | HP: 130

Wisdom: 3*+1 | Eng: 50 | Stm: 4

Subtlety: 0  | Dex: 10 | Spd: 4

Class: Mystic



Thank you, Vyvanse.

Hey! I’m  back on my meds and that mean’s I’m doing stuff again. Yay!

Anyway, I was digging through old notebooks and found a lot of mathy code stoofs I was compiling for a game I was working on. Then I decided to revive it so I have something to work on when animating Renegade Saga makes me wanna tear my remaining hairs out.

I’m also gonna start posting chapters of the manual I’ve been working on for it so:

1) I’m putting up more content more often.

2)See point one.

3)I have a digital record of my work in case all the fire happens to my stoofs.

Here you go!

Ode to Choice: Stats and how they work.

Major Stats:
-Might(M): Physical Stat; contributes to endurance(End), hit points(HP), and attacks which deal physical damage. Negative effect on stamina(Stm).
-Wisdom(W): Magical Stat; contributes to energy(Eng) and attacks which deal magical damage. Small contributions to Stm and HP.
-Subtlety(S): Mental Stat; contributes to dexterity(Dex), speed(Spd), and attacks which deal ranged or piercing damage. Small Contribution to Stm and Hp.
*These are allocated upon character creation, enchanced through enchanted equipment, improved by class upgrades, or rewarded for making certain decisions.

Resource Stats:
HP: |10(2M+W+S)+10Lvl| Your health. Gameover at zero.
End: |10M+10| Your ability to follow through on a physical task.
Eng: |10W+10| Your ability to follow through on a magical task.
Dex: |10S+10| Your ability to follow through on a mental task.

Other Stats:
Experience(Exp):Gained from accomplishing level appropriate or difficults tasks.
Level(Lvl): Increased by gaining Exp.
Speed(Spd): |2(D+1)+2Lvl|Determines turn order at the beginning of combat.
Stamina(Stm): |(W+S-M)*if>0,=0*+4| The number of unique actions one can take before resting.
Turn Order(TnO): |40-Spd|*at start* Used to assign the next action in combat. TnO is increased by taking actions and decreased by being the target of Enemy actions.

Animation Updates

03/12/2017: It’s hard to post unfinished work. However it’s better than posting nothing at all. Here’s a taste of what I’ve been making this month!

Renegade Saga Lore

The next Berserker State: The Sleepwalker


Sleepwalkers: “To be human is to seek balance in the five pillared temple. But I reject humanity and call upon the Tenome. Strike down the pillar of sight. I would forsake knowledge for action.”

Sleepwalkers trade in their ability to see in exchange for otherworldly instincts and reflexes.


Introducing our first Beserker State for Ren-Saga: The Juggernaut.


Juggernauts: “To be human is to seek balance in the five pillared temple. But I reject humanity and call upon the Oni. Strike down the pillar of touch. I would forsake pain for strength.”

Juggernauts cannot physically feel anything which allows them to fight in new reckless and destructive ways as well granting a monstrous amount of Ki/Chi to the user.


Main Characters

05/03/2017: Got a lot of character design work on Lis et Gasa, Sisavongsy Jeong, and Sisavongsy Sissy. Pretty happy with the progress.

05/03/2017: Gotta run to work but thought I’d post real quick. here’s an almost ready to rig model for Sissy from Renegade Saga.

03/06/2017: Some animation of Valiant in Combat being a cheese ball.


03/06/2017 Here’s Shaka et Raiko; the Paragon of Passion.

02/20/2017 Now I’ve gotta try merge what I’ve learned about Bone Rigging and Switch Layers… easy right.

02/19/2017 Music Vid for Jeong

Child and adult models for Lis et Gasa

01/15/17: Starting to work on real content but it’s slow going.

Rough draft intro vid for some of my characters.

Sisavongsy Sissie concept art. Too tired to explain.



Finally starting to rig and animate some of these characters. I’d be way faster but work has been hell for awhile and I’m nearly out of focus pills which means I have fake normal and talk on the phone with a human.  Anyway, this is still rough. I’ll need to go in and make some smart bones to eliminate gapping and weird stretching.


Oh! Also, I guess I can announce that this is JI-11, she will be a PoV Character in Renegade Saga’s first installment: Pioneers. They are a medical construct “living” in Architect society during a period known as Consolidation. The Architect’s have serious hang ups about the uncanny valley and draw a strict division between “made” and “born” things and the rights that each group have. Constructs are firmly in the “made” category and so are highly regulated by oppressively inflexible programming and fail safes maintained The Network.


Central and possible POV Characters for Renegade Saga. Sisavongsy Jeong, Dire Goupillon, and Ira Ladeau.

Major Bad Guys


The Complete HNTR V series.


Mr.Cobweb one of Renegade Saga’s first Architect villains.hntr-v2

Felt only right to give HNTR V2 a make over too.


Sai Trinh and her Down Harvester with an updated look.